One evening Crochet Mermaid tail blanket pattern

Free Crochet pattern for a gorgeous Mermaid tail that can be made in one evening.
From a toddler in just 2.5 hours to an adult in one night!!
I get asked A LOT, how I find the time to make all the things I do, how I follow or write crochet patterns. Where my ideas come from?!

Truth is I cannot sit idle for one minute 🙂 I just have to be doing SOMETHING!
So, it’s pretty natural for me to pick up where I left off with a pattern or to create my own with something I have envisioned in my head.
I have been doing it for such a long time it wouldn’t feel right to sit and watch a film without a project in hand.
I do however, remember when I first started and it wasn’t quite so easy in the beginning.

I started back in 2010, 7 months pregnant and living on a small Mediterranean Island, limited with baby shops and certainly handmade or unique baby things (that did not cost a fortune anyway).
I wanted sooo much to make my first born something special.
So, I gave knitting a go…not my forte, I tried it, we didn’t get on and I have not tried it ever since.
A friend suggested Crochet and I loved it! Crochet just came naturally, so much easier (to me) and within days I was hooked, literally!

I started with a blanket, realising quickly that the chunkier the yarn and the bigger the hook, the quicker I could make it and move on to the next thing.

I made scarfs ( it was 85 degrees Fharenheit), blankets, table mats – anything square or rectangular that could be made with the 4 stitches I had mastered… I was mad for it!

I looked at lovely little bootie patterns and bought the yarn, I quickly lost my mojo when they didn’t look exactly like the picture and I kept forgetting where I was in the pattern.
I think it takes a while just to get your new found skill out of your system, whipping up yarn all over, pulling out and starting again and then gradually calming down and taking your time and enjoying a more complex  project.

YouTube is a great place for watching Crochet videos, learning stitches and just seeing for the first time how it all comes together.
This was my go to when I didn’t understand the abbreviations or US and UK terms and I could just watch a video and follow them – I highly recommend this if you are just starting out. (If you give me a few days I will add a video to this pattern and help you about a bit).

Moral of the story is, sometimes whether you are a beginner, pro or somewhere in between, we all love one of those projects where you can just switch off know what you are doing and create something pretty awesome in one night! So here goes –

I already have a Mermaid tail pattern, it’s a regular pattern with row counts and counted stitches, increases decreases – the norm. This Mermaid tail would take a few evenings and overall is lovely as a finished project, But…
I have hacked my own design!! Whaaat!

Although the overall finish is astonishingly similar the ONE EVENING Mermaid tail will be chunkier and the stitch spacing will be much larger. The best part is…No counting!!
You fully customise how wide and high you want it as you go…trust me on this! You cannot go wrong!!


For an inexpensive full pdf with picture tutorial in all sizes follow this link One evening mermaid tail pdf


ONE EVENING Mermaid tail blanket!!


25mm Crochet Hook
15mm Crochet Hook
Yarn (depends on how big or small you chose yourself)
DK is my choice you can purchase a range of beautiful Mermaidesque
colours here Magic light yarn it comes in packs of 4 so is perfect for this project!

Toddler 400g
Junior 600g
Teen 800g
Adult 800g/1000g

With your huge 25mm hook and FOUR strands of yarn
Chain (Recommended) Toddler: Ch8, Toddler Ch12, Junior Ch15, Teen, Chain 18, Adult Ch 21

Hdc – Half double crochet: Yarn over insert into indicated stitch, yarn over and pull through all 3 hoops on your hook.
Row 1: Hdc in 2nd chain from hook, Hdc across.
Row 2: do not chain, Hdc along the other side of the foundation chain



Join with a slip stitch and place marker.
Do not chain, Continue to Hdc around when meeting the other side opposite marker place another marker. (Make sure your markers are different i.e one is longer or different colour so you know where your row ends)

Now you are on your own…Just kidding :)!
You can continue Hdc around (move markers up as you go) till you have your desired height for feet section.
Toddler: 8 rows
Junior: 10 rows
Teen 13 rows
Adult 15 rows

Then for your increase to make wider:
From your beginning row marker hdc 3 stitches, Hdc increase (2x Hdc in same stitch), Hdc across to next marker, hdc 3 stitches, Hdc increase, Hdc to end, join.

Now it really is up to you!!

To continue you can Hdc a few rows, I Hdc 2 rows for Toddler, 3 Rows for Junior/ Teen, 4 rows adult then I increase again from counting in 3 stitches from my markers, (2x Hdc in the 4th stitch)
Then I do my Hdc rows again and then increase 3 stitches in from each marker. Its that simple!! you can adjust the height and width yourself. If you think it s getting too wide. Drop the increase and just Hdc around.

When you are happy with size (do not fasten off) turn inside out and make sure you have finished at the right marker and that your sides match. If not Hdc across till they meet. Fasten off weave in ends.




With your 15mm hook and still 4 strands of yarn
(this will make it nice and stiff and not too floppy)


Chain 14 (for all sizes)


Hdc ,in 3rd chain from hook, Hdc across and 3hdc in last stitch, CHAIN ONE and turn,
Hdc across, Chain 1, turn
Hdc across, 3 Hdc in last stitch, Chain 1 turn
Repeat to your desired size. Finish off weave in ends.
Make two and stitch together or join on the foundation chain and Hdc across,
(Back loops only) 3 Hdc in last stitch, chain 1, turn, repeat until both sides match!

Now sew your tail to the body. I use a whip stitch but you can sew however you are comfortable with. I usually count up 4 rows and attach and the side so it has a nice flick to the tail.

You’re done!
You have made a gorgeous chunky Mermaid tail blanket fully customised by you in just a few short hours. Your next one will be much quicker and you wont need this pattern the second time. You will just do it from your head 😉 the perfect project!

For an inexpensive full pdf with picture tutorial in all sizes follow this link One evening mermaid tail pdf

I made a junior for this tutorial its 35″ high and took just 3.5 hours!

I hope this has made sense? please comment with your feedback, questions, tips.
I would love to see some finished pieces!!

Happy Creating!!
Emma xx






57 thoughts on “One evening Crochet Mermaid tail blanket pattern

  1. Hi…I was wondering if you got the video finished and if so where do I go for the link…?
    Thank you

  2. Hello ! Love this pattern! I have tried to start t multiple times with the 25 mm hook it is just way too loose went back agauand looking at your pictures it looks like your using the 15 mm for the body at the start?

  3. Thank you for this easy pattern! I just finished with the tail and I love it. I know my Granddaughter will love it for Christmas!

  4. I’m trying to make 2 mermaid blankets on a 41 peg loom. These are for my twin granddaughters. Working on the tail of the 1st one.I like the way yours looks. It’s so pretty. Do you know how to convert this to a loom knitting pattern? Thank you for any help you can give me.

    1. Hi Elaine, Im glad you like the pattern. Unfortunatley i have not used a loom before. I would not have a pattern to use for the blanket. I will maybe look into this in the future. Let me know if there is anything i can help you with. Thanks Emma

  5. Hi,

    Thank you for this pattern! I plan to make each of my 2 granddaughters one of these.

    One question…is it in UK or US terms? TIA


  6. hi, I’d like to thank you for your pattern.I’m so excited to start with this project. But I have a doubt regarding hook size…25 mm? I’ve never seen one so huge….maybe in Italy the sizes are different. thank you in advanced for replying. Federica

  7. hi! thank you for sharing your pattern! I’d like to try one for my daughter and maybe for me too. I have just a question before starting: when you say 4 strands of yarn, do you mean that I have to work with 4 skein of yarn? the hook size 25 mm is very huge…or have I to find a conversion chart to use correct hook size.
    thank you in advance

  8. Hello. Love the pattern and started on it as soon as I bought some yarn. But as I’m working on it I realize I may not have bought enough yarn. I just bought some from my local craft store and didn’t think to check the size skins you used. I am making for a toddler and bought for skins of 100g so being a total of 400g. But if they are used all together is this enough, just one skin for the whole project?

    1. Hi, I cant tell if this is enough by grams if its 390 yards or more each ball and you use correct hook size. Yes this will be fine. You will be surprised how quickly it works up with very little yarn due to the hook size and stitch.
      Hope this helps

  9. Hello, I am going to attempt to make this beautiful mermaid tail blanket. I would love to use the colors you have used. Could you tell me what colors they are? Thank you in advance. happy crocheting.

  10. I love this pattern, but I’m confused with the tail at the end. Are we making a front and a back or a left and a right?
    And the continuing on the increasing?
    I’m sorry I’m so dense!!

    1. Hi, so sorry I am late to reply. I have had spam problems and missed many notifications. Are you still having problems? You are making a left and a right. If you need some more help. Contact through contact page and I will walk you through. Thanks

    1. Hi, after you join the tail together you see the flat edge along top of tail to flat bottom of body. You can pull the edges around the body slightly to create a flick. Does that make sense?

  11. Thank you for this! I loved that I could mindlessly crochet without worrying about counting stitches. I used a regular single strand of yarn with a pretty large hook so it took maybe 2-3 nights but i was worried about it being too thick and too hot with the 4 strands. I used 3 strands for the fins since oh mentioned it helps to make the fins stiffer. I’m gonna be starting another one in purple for my other daughter soon! I’m about to make a miniature tail to go on a doll. Haha

  12. I’m excited to start my mermaid tail blanket. Are you using 4 strands of yarn just to make it thicker/warmer? Could you use 2 strands in an attempt to save some money on yarn and just need about 4-6 skeins of yarn?

    1. Hi,
      I use 4 strands as the hook is very large. You could use two strands and a smaller hook (maybe 9-10mm) of course it would take longer than one evening but would save you on yarn.
      I have some very nice baby acrylic yarn in my store, it’s inexpensive and in lots of colours 😊 It might help you make a cheaper blanket for your first attempt. Look forward to seeing it when it’s finished. Message through contact page if you need any help. XEmmax

  13. For the increase rows, are you only doing one increase stitch for the whole row or doing an increase every 4th stitch?

  14. I made this in purples and plums for my granddaughter. She absolutely loves it! Such an easy to follow pattern and it does work up so quickly. Thank you so much for sharing. I would love to share a picture but I am not sure how to?

    1. Hi Laura, lovely! I love the colour Plum. If you submit a pic to me and a little write up I will add to my Facebook page. You can also instagram it and tag @peanutandplum. Looking forward to seeing it x

  15. Love this! Silly question – what do you mean when you say count in 3 stitches? Like skip three? HD increase in three?

      1. Hi I was looking for the video did you get a chance to make one and where would I find it.thank you so much

  16. How much yarn do I order to make this tail blanket? I would like to order what you suggested. I know it says 800 to 1000 grams so do I order 8 skeins or 16?

    1. Hi Tori, what size were you thinking of making? 8 skeins would be more than enough for up to a teen. 12 would be enough for an adult large it would really depend how large you begin and how big you want to go. With 4 strands doing an adult I order 12 but do have some left over. The magic light comes in packs of 4 which makes it a lot cheaper overall than buying seperate balls. Hope this helps

  17. Oh my GOODNESS!!!!! I am so excited to make this project! One of my 4 daughters is turning 16 on Wed. & I decided that my first crochet project would be a blanket gift for her!
    I’m new to crocheting, within the last 2 weeks new. I was planning to make a pretty throw, but after finding and reading your pattern, well, the decision is made! I actually understand EXACTLY what you’re talking about, which hasn’t happened with many patterns of ANY project, let alone the other mermaid blanket patterns I’ve seen.
    Thank you so much for taking the time to post this!!!! I can’t wait to begin! I will post pictures if- (NO! Strike that) WHEN I finish! I’m a little nervous about the fin, but I think I have the idea! Thank you again! You are amazing!

    1. Hi Jennifer, Thanks so much for your lovely comment! I’m so pleased you are looking forward to making one 🙂 Please share your finished piece after – would love to see it! If you get stuck with the tail just email me or use contact form and I will help you get started. Thanks again, was lovely to see this message and your enthusiasm for your project! Emma x

  18. OMG!!!! Thank you so much!!! I have been wanting to make one of these for my daughter but all the patterns I found were so complicated!!!
    This is ingenious!!! Can’t wait to get started!!!!

    1. I’m glad you like it. It’s a lot easier to customise to your own size, rather than follow pattern. We all come in different shapes and sizes 😊. Would love to see the finished piece x

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