Stylish and simple crochet cardigans

A selection of stylish and simple crochet cardigans for your next ‘something for me’ project.

There is no better feeling than making your first piece of clothing just “for you”.

I make lots of items as gifts and my kids have plenty of makes by Mummy. I don’t make as much for myself as I would like. Not only can you get it the perfect size, colour and fibre by doing it yourself. You end up with an item totally unique and that is STYLE that I am all for.

It doesn’t take as long as you think, I used to be daunted by clothing as I imagined it would take too long or I would mess up and have odd sleeves or the wrong size completely.

Well written patterns are everything!

When I write my patterns, I try to imagine I was somebody completely new to crochet who is starting with just the basics and wants me to walk along with them all the way! That’s exactly what I needed when I first started out.

A pattern with picture step by steps and videos are such a great help. They can assure you as your piece is coming together that it is turning out just as the pattern you chose – because you loved it!

Timeless designs

I wanted to share a selection of timeless cardigans and kimonos that can be made time and time again, changing your yarn to create a completely new look each time.

I also wanted to make sure that these patterns were easy to follow so that once you try your first one you will be excited to try another!

The different styles out there are quite diverse which is ideal if you’re looking for something that suits your individual tastes.

I’m sure your next project is waiting in this selection of Simple and stylish crochet cardigans – enjoy finding “THE ONE” 🙂

Just click the image to be taken to pattern!

The textures of these cover ups are gorgeous! You can easily change yarns for winter/summer looks 🙂

Depending on your skills and how you like to work, there are designs working top to bottom, bottom to top and in pieces that you will assemble at the end.

I love the vintage look! You can wear it year after year! Go for soft alpaca, merino, cashmere blends and you will be so pleased with the end result.

Cotton is great for every day summer cardigans and cover ups! Great if you want to wash quite often!

I hope you loved having a look through these gorgeous cardigans!

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Happy crocheting!!

Emma x